Meet the Jones family from Seattle. Sarah and John are busy parents to two energetic children, Emma, aged 5, and Liam, aged 3. With John often traveling for work and Sarah juggling a demanding job and household responsibilities, finding time for family bonding has always been a challenge. That was until they discovered My Magic Moments, an app that brought a whole new dimension to their family’s storytime.

The Joy of Recordable Storytelling

Sarah first came across My Magic Moments when searching for a way to make John’s frequent business trips less hard on the kids. The idea of recordable storybooks instantly appealed to her. Imagine Emma and Liam’s delight when they heard John’s voice narrating a story from his hotel room in New York!

Recordable Christmas Books: With Christmas around the corner, Sarah decided to create a special tradition. She chose a beautiful Christmas recordable book from the app’s extensive library and recorded her voice narrating the festive tale. On Christmas Eve, Emma and Liam sat by the fireplace, listening to their mom’s voice telling the story, feeling her warmth and love despite the holiday chaos.

Voice Recordable Books for Everyday Magic: John didn’t want to miss out on the daily bedtime ritual, so he used the app to create a series of voice recordable books. Now, every night, the kids snuggle up with their tablets, hearing Dad’s comforting voice read their favorite bedtime stories, even when he’s thousands of miles away.

Why Recordable Books Are Beneficial

Enhancing Literacy and Language Skills: Studies have shown that children who are read to regularly develop better literacy and language skills. With My Magic Moments, the Jones family ensures that Emma and Liam are consistently exposed to engaging stories, boosting their vocabulary and comprehension skills. According to the National Literacy Trust, such regular reading sessions are linked to improved academic performance.

Emotional Connection and Security: For Emma and Liam, hearing their parents’ voices brings a sense of security and comfort. Books that record your voice help maintain that crucial emotional bond, especially when physical presence isn’t possible. This has been particularly soothing for the kids during John’s absences, making them feel connected and loved.

Real-Life Stories from My Magic Moments

Let’s take a closer look at how My Magic Moments has made a difference for the Jones family.

Grandparents Creating Lasting Memories: Sarah’s parents live in Florida and can’t visit often. They used My Magic Moments to create recordable books for their grandchildren. Every week, Emma and Liam receive a new story from Grandma and Grandpa, making them feel close despite the distance.

Parents on the Go: John shares, “Recording children’s books with my voice has been a lifesaver. It allows me to be part of Emma and Liam’s bedtime routine even when I’m traveling. They love the stories and it helps them feel reassured hearing my voice.”

How to Get Started with My Magic Moments

Inspired by the Jones family’s experience? Here’s how you can create your own magical moments:

  1. Choose Your Story: Select from an ever-growing library of beautifully illustrated and animated stories.
  2. Record Your Voice: Use the app to record your voice reading the book. You can even clone your voice for future stories.
  3. Share the Magic: Share the story with your child or grandchild, and watch their faces light up as they hear your voice.


Recordable books are more than just a tool for reading; they are a bridge that keeps families connected and children engaged in learning. Whether it’s a recordable Christmas book or an everyday voice record storybook, these treasures provide both educational benefits and emotional security.

Explore the magic of recordable books for children and start creating unforgettable moments with My Magic Moments. Let your voice be the soundtrack to your child’s imagination, making every story a magical journey.

Visit My Magic Moments today and discover how you can create personalized stories that will be cherished forever.

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