Turn Stories into Magic Moments

Now families can love their little ones from anywhere

Our Unique App

Bringing Stories to Life, One Magical Moment at a Time

Embark on a delightful journey with My Magic Moments, where stories leap off the page and into your child’s heart. Here’s how:

Select a Story

Dive into a vast world of animated, globally-authored, ever-expanding tales.

Clone Your Face

Transform any photo into a captivating, animated onscreen story narrator.

Voice Cloning Option

Record once, narrate forever - your voice brings every chosen story to life

Story Comes to Life

Experience the magic as the story is personalized, ready for your child to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Our Patented Concept

Unleashing the Power of Personalised Storytelling

My Magic Moments isn’t just an app; it’s a gateway to enriching experiences that foster growth, connection, and joy in children. Discover how our app brings a multitude of benefits to young minds and their families:

Strengthen Family Ties

Foster deeper emotional connections, even from afar. Studies show that children hearing a familiar voice, especially in storytelling, develop stronger family bonds and emotional security. (Source: Journal of Child Psychology)

Cultivate a Love for Reading

Animated stories and personal narration encourage a passion for reading and language. According to the National Literacy Trust, children engaged in regular reading show significantly higher literacy levels.

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children read to by multiple family members.

Spark Imagination and Learning

Our app stimulates imagination and critical thinking. Research indicates that storytelling enhances children’s cognitive abilities, including memory and problem-solving skills. (Source: Early Childhood Education Journal)

Why Us

We Bring children & loved ones Together, One Story at a Time

My Magic Moments transforms storytelling into a convenient, accessible experience for today’s busy families, ensuring children can always enjoy stories narrated by loved ones

My Magic Moments isn’t just for parents; it’s a tool for all family members to bond with the child. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even family friends can be part of the child’s storytelling journey, regardless of their literacy levels or location. By allowing multiple family members to narrate stories, we not only enhance the reading experience but also strengthen the child’s connection with their wider family.


My Magic Moment’s Impact, As Told by loved ones

Discover the heartwarming impact of My Magic Moments through the voices of those who matter most. Below, family members and loved ones share their personal experiences, illustrating how our app has brought joy, comfort, and a sense of togetherness to their lives.

Kindergarten Magic

Your Voice, Their Imagination, Our Magic.

With My Magic Moments, every story you tell weaves a spell of connection, turning simple words into a world of wonder for your child. It’s where your heartfelt narration meets their vivid dreams, creating memories that echo through a lifetime.

Experience the Magic of Personalized Storytelling with My Magic Moments

This is where stories come alive through the voices of those who matter most. Our innovative app transforms traditional storytelling into an enchanting experience that fosters deeper connections and enhances child literacy. Imagine the joy and wonder your child will feel when they hear your voice narrating their favorite stories, anytime, anywhere.

Real-Life Use Cases:

Grandparents Bridging the Distance: Grandma may live miles away, but with My Magic Moments, she can still be a part of her grandchild’s bedtime routine. Imagine Grandma recording a Christmas story, turning it into a cherished recordable Christmas book that your child can enjoy during the festive season. This special Christmas recordable book becomes a treasured keepsake, preserving Grandma’s voice and love for years to come.

Parents on the Go: For busy parents who travel or work long hours, My Magic Moments provides a way to stay connected. Record a story book with your voice and let your child drift off to sleep with your comforting narration. Whether it’s a simple voice recorded story book for nightly reads or an interactive children’s book that captures your voice, our app ensures you’re always present, even when you’re not physically there.

Experience Storytime Like Never Before with My Magic Moments
Welcome to the Amazing My Magic Moments app, where storytelling meets innovation. Our AI-powered application allows you to create personalized stories that captivate and delight children of all ages. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or loved one, it’s now easy to stay connected through the magic of storytelling.

Personalize Every Story

At My Magic Moments, we believe every story deserves personalization. With a large variety of voice recordable books connected to many themes and recordable storybooks for day and bedtime, all of which let you add your unique voice to each tale. From popular fairy tales to the latest adventures, you can record your voice reading a book and make every story unique.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Make special occasions unforgettable with our selection of Christmas recordable books and recordable books for grandchildren. Imagine the excitement of a child or grandchild listening to a loved one narrate a festive story, creating heart-warming and timeless memories.

Strengthen Family Bonds

Our app is the perfect solution for keeping families (of any size) connected, no matter the busy lives or distance. Recordable books for grandparents and recordable books for grandma are developed to bridge the gap between generations, allowing you to share your voice and presence even when you’re far away. Record yourself reading a book and send it to your loved ones, sending your personality and love.

Engage Young Minds

Personalised storytelling is a powerful tool for both education and entertainment. My Magic Moments offers a collection of interactive children’s books that stimulate imagination and foster a love for reading. By adding your presence through voice and face to these stories, you transform an ordinary experience into an immersive experience that encourages engaged learning and curiosity.

How My Magic Moments Works

Select a Book: Browse our extensive library of recordable children’s books and pick the perfect story for your little one. Add Your Voice: Use our revolutionary app to record your voice storybook. Each page lets you add your narration and personality, making the story yours. Share the Experience: Send the recordable storybook to your extended family and close friends. Watch as they delight in the story coming to life.

Endless Possibilities

With My Magic Moments, the possibilities are endless. Create a recordable book with your voice for bedtime, playtime, or anytime. Our platform supports voice-recorded story books and books that record your voice, making stamping your personality onto each story easy. Whether you’re looking for a recordable book for children or a voice recording book for a special occasion, it’ll be in the library.

Join Our Community

Join the My Magic Moments community and discover the joy of personalized storytelling. Our app offers a unique way to connect with loved ones and create memories that will be treasured forever. Sign up today and explore our collection of recording children’s books, books you can use to record your voice, and more.