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Use Cases

Enriching Childhood through Story in all

Use Cases

At My Magic Moments, our heart is dedicated to enriching the lives and well-being of children and their families across the globe. In every situation of life, we strive to be a pivotal tool that simplifies storytelling for families, overcoming the typical challenges adults face. Our mission is to create moments of magic and connection, transcending barriers and bringing stories to life.

Just the normality of life

Parents Together

  • Problem: Finding ways to collaboratively engage in their child’s development.
  • Solution: Provides a shared platform for both parents to contribute to their child’s storytelling, nurturing a joint parenting experience.

Separated Parents with Disagreements

  • Problem: Co-parenting challenges and conflicts affecting child’s emotional health.
  • Solution: Offers a neutral, positive space for both parents to connect with their child, reducing stress related to disagreements.

Divorced Parents

  • Problem: Maintaining consistency and emotional support for children post-divorce.
  • Solution: Facilitates continued emotional presence of both parents through storytelling, irrespective of custody arrangements.

Single Parents

  • Problem: Juggling multiple responsibilities and limited time for bonding.
  • Solution: Helps single parents create meaningful interactions through personalized stories, fitting into their busy schedules.



Mental Health Patients with Children

  • Problem: Difficulty in maintaining emotional bonds due to mental health challenges.
  • Solution: Facilitates emotional connection through storytelling, offering comfort and stability.

Hospitalized Children

  • Problem: Children feeling isolated during hospital stays.
  • Solution: Provides a comforting presence of loved ones through personalized stories.

Parents in Rehabilitation

  • Problem: Physical absence during critical family times.
  • Solution: Maintains family bonds and supports recovery through engaging storytelling.

Military Families

  • Problem: Emotional strain from deployment separations.
  • Solution: Bridges distances with stories that keep the deployed parent present in daily routines.

Traveling Parents

  • Problem: Frequent travel leading to missed family time.
  • Solution: Ensures continued parental involvement in children’s lives through stories.

A versatile and supportive tool

Maintaining and strengthening family bonds through storytelling