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Joining My Magic Moments offers your stories an extraordinary opportunity to breathe anew without altering their essence. Here’s how:

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Your Story, Their Voices:

Our platform celebrates your work’s integrity. We do not change your stories; instead, we offer a unique way for them to be experienced. Parents and loved ones are given the tools to narrate your tales, preserving every word as you’ve written them. Our state-of-the-art technology enables users to clone their voices, ensuring that it’s the familiar and comforting tones that bring your stories to life for their children.

Ultra-Realistic Avatars, Reflecting the loved one:

Alongside voice personalization, photographs of users can be transformed into ultra-realistic avatars. This means your story is brought to life by someone a child knows and loves, deepening the emotional connection without altering the narrative or characters you’ve created.

This personalization maintains the sanctity of your original work while enhancing the reading experience with a personal touch from the child’s own world. It’s about bringing families closer through the magic of storytelling, with your stories as the cherished medium.

By becoming a part of My Magic Moments, you’re not just sharing stories; you’re weaving your creativity into the fabric of countless family moments, all while keeping your narrative beautifully intact.

Become The SOURCE of Magic

Earn While They Learn.

The magic doesn’t end with personalization. As an author on My Magic Moments, you unlock a new, passive revenue stream. Every time a family chooses your book to personalize, you receive a commission. It’s not just about bringing stories to life; it’s about rewarding your creativity and expanding your financial horizons with each tale told.

Your narratives are more than just stories; they become bridges between generations, tools for learning, and sources of endless imagination. By adapting your work for My Magic Moments, you’re not only reaching across the globe but also ensuring a piece of you lives in the warmth of family moments everywhere.

Join us and see your books transform into living tales, cherished by children and narrated by those they love. With My Magic Moments, your stories leap off the page and into the hearts and homes of families worldwide.


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